Home » huobi api » Spectacle Audit – Pakistan Govt Portal A thorugh voorstelling audid and switches of Pakistani Govt Official Portal LaraContact A plain voeling management system written te Laravel Five.Three.

Spectacle Audit – Pakistan Govt Portal A thorugh voorstelling audid and switches of Pakistani Govt Official Portal LaraContact A plain voeling management system written te Laravel Five.Three.

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Performance Audit - Pakistan Govt Portal A thorugh performance audid and changes of Pakistani Govt Official Portal LaraContact A simple contact management system written in Laravel 5.3.

A plain Python Flask app that let you send payment via Stellar Network. You can read about it here

CryptoSpread – Crypto Arbitrage contraption

CryptoSpread is a python based instruction line Crypto Arbitrage implement that let you to find the best price of a coin across exchanges. Click here for the demo.

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Crypto Coin Finder Bot

A Python based bot that searches coin on Bittrex and run algos to find best coin. Visit here for Demo.

Bitcointalk forum scrapper

A device ter python that scrapers comments of famous Bitcoin forum and store stats like number of comments along with date

Reddit Scrapper

This implement scrapers gegevens like total subscribers etc.

Github repo celador

A instrument te Python that checks activity on Github and give stats like total commits, followers etc.

Twitter Scrapper

This python contraption takes twitter treat spil input and comes back stats like total tweets, following/follower etc.

Automóvil Glass

Coche Glass is a python based device that helps to search jobs on Glassdoor and apply.


A ordinary Chrome Extension based Crypto Currency Ticker for numerous crypto currencies

Zillow Property Status Checker

This contraptions checks the status of a property(MLS, Sold etc) on Zillow.com and update the status on Google Sheet.

Golmarket- Ecommerce Webstek te Laravel Five.Four

An ecommerce webstek developed te PHP Laravel Five.Four

XML Sitemap Generator ter Laravel

A ordinary artisan instruction based contraption that generate XML sitemaps

IMDb Scraper

A ordinary scraper that fetches top charts gegevens

Toegangsbewijs Management System

Ruby on Spoorlijn based customer support toegangsbewijs managements system that also had unique social features like activities and go after.

Twerrific Lite

A sweet and little WordPress plugin that permits you to listig any twitter ID along with the URL of the Twitter profile.

Rabta Book

Simplest Voeling Management System te Python Flask

Tradekey Community

Online web based forum where TradeKey members can discuss issues and ideas.

TradeKey Tradeshows

A podium where businesses can register informatie about their upcoming tradeshows around the world.

Motrixi ANNEX

Motrixi’s realtime instrumentenbord to pedagogo all of mobile Ad campaigns.

Will Pakistan win?

A python based Machine Learning implement that predicts whether Pakistan will win next match against England.

NewEgg Automaat ordering

A python based contraption that automates the process ordering an voorwerp and checkout.

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Craigslist Autoresponder

A python based device that scans realestate properties on Craigslist and send predefined email to posters.

Project Estimation System

An MVP developed te Laravel Five.Two that helps to provide realistic project estimation and project management.

XBMC Plugin for Online Movies

An XBMC buttplug that rivulets movies to subscribers. It fetches Greek channels movies from various online movie hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo etc.

Presently Reading

Presently Reading is a free Chrome extension that let your email recipient knows what presently are you reading. Presently it supports Gmail only.

Spectacle Audit – Pakistan Govt Portal

A thorugh show audid and switches of Pakistani Govt Official Portal


A elementary voeling management system written te Laravel Five.Three.

Forsale By Possessor efectivo estate scraper

A python based realestate scraper that pulls state wise gegevens. It’s efficient and prompt and save gegevens ter CSV format.

CL Poster – CraigsList Automóvil Poster Bot

CL Poster is Cragislist wagen posting bot that automates Ads posting process on CraigsList. You can select your section and location of posting.

Tasheer – Job Classified Webpagina te NodeJS

Tasheer is a free classified app writte te NodeJS and MySQL

Instagram Automaat Liker

Instagram Coche Liker is an Instagram Like bot that likes different photos with respect to Hashtags. You can set number of posts that needs to be liked w.r.t different #hashtags. Voeling to buy Insgram Utilitario Liker Bot.

OLX Scraper

A plain bot ter Scrapy that pulls OLX Categories gegevens and store te JSON/CSV format.

Redfin Verdadero Estate Scraper

Redfin Scraper writting te Python with Selenium library. It pulls listings and store gegevens ter CSV format.

Zillow Efectivo Estate Scraper

A Elementary web scraper ter Python that scrapes property listing from Zillow Webstek. You provide URL of the estate and it gives you gegevens ter CSV/JSON format.


OhBugz is an punt tracking system written te Django 1.Ten

WikiQuote Scraper

WikiQuote Scraper written ter PHP by using Symfony DOMCrawler. It comes back gegevens ter JSON format.

Overstock Tracker System

A tracking system written ter PHP Laravel and Python. It grabs gegevens from outward resources and make it available for a web based system written ter Laravel.

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