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Bittrex’s’s trading toverfee is pretty high to the chagrin of many users, coming ter at 0.25 procent.

Bittrex's's trading fee is pretty high to the chagrin of many users, coming in at 0.25 percent.

For traders who were around te the cryptoverse te 2018, it wasgoed clear that cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex wasgoed gezaghebbend te the very first half of the year while competitor exchange Binance seemed to surge to the vooraanzicht of the pack te the latter half of the year.

Now, te 2018 it’s looking to be anyone’s ball spel spil far spil who can capture the largest slice of the oncoming herd of mainstream adopters that are already flooding into the crypto space. But both Bittrex and Binance certainly have their nuances, and you might find you like one much more than the other.

Today, wij’ll give you quick comparison of the two exchanges so you can get a better feel for what they’re all about.

Exchange Overviews

The two exchanges come from different sides of the world. Binance is presently based out of Japan, while Bittrex is headquartered out of Samenvoeging Vegas ter the United States. Moreover, neither exchange offers fiat-to-crypto buying or selling possibilities. The exchanges are stringently for crypto-to-crypto trading, at least at present.

And neither of the trading platforms are necessarily for beginners, spil popular American exchange Coinbase is, for example. So you’ll need to have a bit of practice ter using wallets and facilitating crypto transactions to say the least when it comes to securely and effectively using either Binance or Bittrex.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

The amount and breadth of cryptocurrencies that the exchanges te question support is among their main selling points. Bittrex, for one, supports almost 200 different crypto projects for trading at press time, making it a one-stop verhoging when it comes to most cryptocurrency traders’ needs.

Binance also supports a broad multitude of projects for trading, tho’ not quiebro spil many spil Bittrex. What Binance indeed has going for it te this kampplaats, tho’, is that it lists certain tokens and cryptocurrencies long before other exchanges, like Bittrex, do. Ter fact, Binance is typically among the very first of the major cryptocurrency exchanges to add any given hot project thesis days.

Call it the “Binance Bump,” if you’d like. Traders flock to the exchange to buy up coins that are being freshly listed post-ICO.

Binance Has it’s own Token, Bittrex Doesn’t

One major perk that Binance has overheen Bittrex? Its own native cryptocurrency that has its own perks.

Binance Coin (BNB) is a token developed by Binance that is suggested spil a trading pair against other major cryptos, like bitcoin (BTC) and (ETH), on the exchange. The advantage of using BNB for this purpose is that traders save a considerable chunk ter fees spil opposed to if they had used ETH or BTC spil a trading cojín.

Also, spil BNB itself appreciates te value, hodlers of the token can accrue value that way too. Nothing’s stopping Bittrex from launching its own token through an ICO, but there’s nothing going on that vooraanzicht for now for the Tussenvoegsel Vegas exchange.

Binance Evidently Has Stronger Leadership

While the more or less faceless Bittrex is presently mired te an avalanche of unanswered customer support problems, the leadership of Binance has conversely bot coming off amazing ter latest weeks.

For example, Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng has bot appearing on CNBC and Bloomberg spil of late, bringing a certain and articulate face of leadership for the community. The transparency is refreshening and is certainly attractive to trading floaters who are wanting to find a reliable toneelpodium to set up shop te the ecosystem.

Zhao Changpen, Photo from Bloomberg.

Sign Up

So signing up for Binance and Bittrex is about spil basic and spil usual spil it gets. Now, whether or not registrations are open on thesis exchanges at any given time is another question entirely.

That’s because both exchanges have bot temporarily suspending fresh sign ups spil of late ter order to treat the hyper-growth of their user bases.

Beyond this dynamic, tho’, for both Binance and Bittrex the process is virtually the same: you waterput te your email and other profile details, send that it, and wait for a registration confirmation email. Then you’ll be ter.


You’ll get mixed answers on this pui depending on who you ask and which exchange you choose. But, overall, there seems to be overeenstemming that while Bittrex’s and Binance’s trading interfaces get the job done, they are a bit clunky and graceless – two characteristics that are certainly off-putting for trading newcomers.

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The Bittrex Trading Interface

Ter this category, Bittrex is clearly the winner tho’, spil it offers more sophisticated chart capabilities for traders to use and analyze than Binance does.

At the end of the day, both the Binance and Bittrex UIs have got the essentials for novice to advanced crypto traders. There are order books, chart candles, bid prices and ask prices, volume statistics, and 24 hour price gegevens.

The Binance Trading Interface

Deposits and Withdrawals

Spil wij mentioned previously neither Bittrex or Binance support fiat deposits or fiat wallets for withdrawals, so that’s not a delegado for consideration here.

Alternatively, however, both exchanges work identically when it comes to depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies. That is to say that both exchanges suggest a slew of cryptocurrency wallets that you can deposit your funds to ter order to trade with. Zometeen, you can withdraw whatever cryptocurrencies you want to whatever addresses you want using the same wallets.

Te this sense, Binance and Bittrex are certainly tied te this kampplaats. There’s no clear winner here, the practices are nigh.

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Growing Aches

Like Coinbase and other top exchanges that are witnessing an explosion of fresh users ter latest months, Bittrex and Binance toevluchthaven’t bot immune to the growing agonies that result accordingly.

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Binance has crashed numerous times ter latest weeks during periods of high trade volume, e.g. when popular fresh crypto projects get listed on the exchange. This has frustrated traders, but for the most part users have generally bot patient with the Japan-based exchange.

Bittrex, on the other forearm, is facing a bit of a revolt ter the community right now. Reports of users’ accounts being shuttered ter droves with little explanation or help seemingly abound right now. Bittrex will need to get its act together ter the coming weeks and months if it’s to remain spil one of the powerhouse cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bittrex’s’s trading toverfee is pretty high to the chagrin of many users, coming ter at 0.25 procent. Not the greatest, right. Binance fares slightly better, spil its trading fees come ter inbetween 0.05 and 0.1 procent.

Security and Customer Support

Neither exchange offers vault wallet services like Coinbase right now, which is a premier security option for exchange users.

But both Binance and Bittrex facilitate email confirmations, two-factor authentication, and other basic security measures that should do fine by most users.

On the point of customer support, it’s fairly scant for now for both exchanges. Bittrex treats support through email, while Binance does through email and social media.


Both Bittrex and Binance do major daily volume ter the total crypto markets for good reason: they’ve got platforms that are pushing the crypto economy forward.

You might find you like the practice of Bittrex more, or maybe Binance is for you. Both are nuanced ter their pros and cons, but there’s no question that Binance shows up to be the sexier of the two exchanges right now. Bittrex has a bit of catching up to do if it wants to take back the lead from Binance.

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