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Neo is leisurely on it`s way towards the main support line.

Neo is slowly on it`s way towards the main support line.

NEOBTC Crypto Chart

Technical Analysis Summary

https://www.tradingview.com/x/32vDpXMn/ What this is is a very interesting technical analysis created by mij te my 1-2 years trading bitcoin and other cryptos. I use Fibonacci ratios and trend-lines to determine the price act and where I should inject and uitgang the market. I only trade on the Four hour charts because I found that it is the most consistent and this .

NEOBTC Bullish Gartley forming. Look for entries very soon. Targets 38.Two & 61.8 of AD gam. Goodluck

-Daily RSI is too oversold (very first time klapper 20 since bittrex). -Fractals indicating up budge. -30-40% budge is expected.

Neo is leisurely on it’s way towards the main support line. There could be a little bounce but this will not tempt mij. Patience is key here.

Possibly could turn on a 1.618 upward to accomplish 3rd wave

Enormously oversold, finta visible. The current state of the crypto market, might not permit such a large breakout spil te the previous Two fractals, however this can be a good chance for a brief to medium term trade. This is just a very brief daily update(you can see the flamante idea ter the refereed idea section down bellow). My very first buy te’s for NEO could .

NEOBTC reached support zone and now moving te falling wedge. Very first I looking for correction until resistance line of this wedge

Neo trading near the bottom side of the right treat which also omschrijving to 78.6% fib level towards the bottom of the Cup. Its expected to have a massive bounce that will pauze the top side of the treat around 61.8% fib level. Entry and uitgang targets are clearly commenced on the chart. BLUE: POSSIBLE ENTRY ZONE Crimson: Zekering LOSS LEVEL GREEN: SELL TARGETS Join our .

This idea is very tentative since wij aren’t eyeing any positive price movement so far, and also due to BTC’s current decline. However NEO holders have an upcoming airdrop of NNS tokens with a snapshot due on the 27th June – typically this would have already seen a price rally, hence the tentativeness of this idea! But it is on my watchlist regardless. The day .

The one thing I love about NEO, is that it tends to respect, TA. Its a excellent project with all its benefits, gas and upcoming airdrops – one this week! (Name Service – airdrop – snapshot June 27) Price has not bot this low since Jan 5th 2018! It’s had a strong downtrend since the embark of May. Broke through a support level on the 10th of June and has now bot .

There is still hope ūüôā

Let us see. Pretty big call for a bear market.

NEO has found the support at btc 0.007 area. The support is confirmed by 61.8% Fibonacci retracement and across the past three months it has bot rejected several times. Yet, up until now price fighting to go any lower, which could be the sign that NEO/BTC is getting ready to commence moving upwards. The very first strong resistance is seen at 61.8% Fibs, that is .

There are several signs that indicate a bullish trend reversal on NEOBTC. Very first – let’s look at the 4H Chart. There is a long TD Supply Line that wasgoed formed by Level Three TD Points. Below the Line is a bullish Divergence of Price vs. CCI. The current Candle already broke the Trendline to the up-side. The Trendline-break and the bullish Divergence are strong Signals .

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