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This is not a question about if you let the end user recover it, but if the gegevens is still stored somewhere by Zendesk Hello C Jonathan, Wij work to secure and accurately reflect our Customer gegevens and their accounts.

Some support teams never delete tickets, they instead stir them through their workflow to close them using an automation. You can, however, delete a toegangsbewijs if you want. Deleted tickets are moved into a Deleted Tickets view, where you can restore them or permanently delete...

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Event date: 12.01.2018 Triggers price: $0.42 (-5.09 %) The following markets will be eliminated on January 12th, 2018: BTC-DGD, ETH-DGD, BTC-TRIG, BTC-MTL, ETH-MTL. Triggers upcoming events: No upcoming events found Triggers past events: 14 May &mdash, TrigX Testnet Demo 17 Mar &mdash, CoinAgenda Caribbean te...

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Limited access to high-cost resources Limit how often a client can access a resource that has a high processing cost on your origin, for example: forum searches, certain API calls, or other database-intensive deeds.

Related articles Cloudflare Support Firewall Rate Limiting > Cloudflare Rate Limiting Cloudflare Rate Limiting Cloudflare Rate Limiting protects against denial-of-service attacks, brute-force login attempts, and other types of abusive behavior targeting the application layer. Overview Cloudflare Rate Limiting is a feature that permits customers to...

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